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Age Divisions


Sticklettes is our “Clinic” program to introduce the basic concepts of women’s lacrosse; scoop, cradle, catch, for players in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. 

Mostly this is all about having fun!!


Pee Wee:

Pee Wee division is for players in the 3rd and 4th grades. Players must be 8 years old by April 1st. Games are now 8v8 in format with a goalie. The main goal in Pee Wee’s is to expand/continue teaching the basic skills of scoop, cradle, and catch. Expand teaching of catching to both dominate and non-dominate hands. Start teaching concepts & skills of “offense” & “defense” positions; such as learning how to do a draw, body positioning for defense. Encourage all team members to take a turn at being a goalie and teaching goalie skills.  Teach the rules of this division such as: hard boundaries, restraining lines and NO checking. Emphasize no scores are kept at this division; focus is on learning and having fun.



Middie division is for players in the 5th & 6th grades. Players go to full field play of 12v12. The main goal is to continue building on basic skills, teach proper mechanics and the use of modified checking (below the shoulder), teach more advance skills/concepts of defense and offense positions and skills such as transitioning the ball up the field (looking for the “open girl”), off ball play, settled offense (how to move the ball around the 8 meter, cutting for the ball), direct shots (when you do them & how to defend them), setting a pick, how to slid/double the ball, etc. Additionally, teach the rules at this division such as shooting space.  Modified Checking is allowed below the shoulder.



The Jr. Division is for players in the 7th & 8th grades. Players continue playing full field of 12v12. The main goal is to teach more advance skills of the game and prepare players for High School level of play. Full checking is now allowed and taught when and how to use safely and effectively. 




•What equipment do I need?

•Lacrosse Stick, goggles and a mouth-guard for field players.   SMA will provide all equipment (except mouth-guards) for Goalies.

•*Where can I buy my equipment?

• Lacrosse Unlimited (Annapolis),  Dicks Sporting Goods, Modells  or Sports Authority

•*What days do we practice?

• For Pee Wee, Middie and Jr. Division teams your coaches will determine what days you will practice.

•Pee Wee & Middie teams practice two days a week with additional practices as needed.

•Some Junior teams may practice three days a week, depending on your coach.

•Sticklette practices for the  will be two days a week due to field availability.

•* When do practices begin?

•For Pee Wee, Middie & Jr teams practices will start the first week of March.

•For Sticklettes, practices start the first week of April.  This is dependent on field availability.

•When do games begins?

•For Pee Wee, Middie & Jr. teams games will start the last week of March or the first week of April.

•The county typically posts game schedules the four days prior to games beginning on their website.

•For Sticklette teams, games start the first week of May

·   Refund Policy:  St Mary’s Annapolis Girls Lacrosse and Field Hockey will not process refunds once registration for the current season has closed and teams have been created.

·   Paperwork required prior to the first game of the season:  Youth Player Contract, Concussion Form and League Transfer Form. All of these forms can be found on the Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation Website under Sports Information. (link on the home page)

Coaches Information

  1. All coaches and assistant coaches must have a current back ground check done by the county. You can access the form on the Anne Arundel county web site under the Recreation and Sports Division The back ground check must be completed and processed by the county before you can be on the field with your players. All back ground checks are good for three years. If you are unsure of your status, you can go to the county’s link to the Active Database to get your status. This must be updated by the first practice.

  2. ALL HEAD COACHES must have a current Youth Coaches Certification. If you are not currently certified by Anne Arundel County, you must attend the coaches certification clinic. This certification clinic is TBA and we will forward the information once the county has scheduled this event. It is usually held in March. This must be completed in time for the first game of the season. For more information, please go to

  3. SMA will once again hold a mandatory in-house coaches clinics for all PeeWee, Middie and Junior Coaches (TBD).

  4. Sticklette Coaches Clinic (TBD).

  5. SMA will have a MANDATORY Coaches meeting for ALL PeeWee, Middie and Junior Coaches.  All Pee Wee, Middie & Jr Coaches are expected to attend this meeting (TBD - February) at the Truxton Park Recreation Center on Hilltop Lane.

Jeff Bunker

Jeff Bunker

Commisioner - Pee Wee, Middie and Junior Division

Morgan Gill

Morgan Gill

Sticklette Commissioner