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Field Hockey

  • St. Mary's Annapolis Field Hockey believes in providing a recreational program that teaches the skills of the game of field hockey to all levels of players.
  • Our coaches support the mission of fostering the importance of good sportsmanship, team building, respect for teammates, coaches, officials, as well as their opponents, in a fun and positive environment.
  • We are an all-volunteer organization and welcome all our families to join in to help support this organization at any level.
  • We have grown as an organization every year.  
  • The continued success of our program is the result of coaches, parents, and players working together to create a positive environment for all our players.

Contact Kelsa McLaughlin for additional information.

Age Divisions

Sticklettes Division - is for girls in Kindergarten through Second Grade.

The goal of the Sticklette Division is to introduce the great sport of field hockey.

Sticklettes will play 6 v 6, with no goalie.

Pee Wee Division - is for girls in third and fourth grade. (Players must be 8 years old by the first game).

The goal of this division is to teach the basic field hockey rules and skills.

Pee Wees play 7 v 7 (including goalie) on a 50-yard field. There are four 10-minute quarters. Penalty corners are called, with three players back at midline.

There are two practices a week.

The county will schedule 10 games, which mostly fall on Saturdays and Sundays, with some weekday games.

No scores or standings are kept at this level.

Middie Division - is for fifth and six graders.

The goal at the Middie division is to continue building on the basic stick skills, while introducing more advanced game strategies and positions.

Games are 11 v 11 (10 field players and 1 goalie) on a 100-yard field. There are two 25-minute halves. 

There are two practices a week .

Twelve games which may occur on weekends and weekdays are scheduled.

Games will follow NFHS rules with several exceptions. 

Scores and standings are kept at this division.

In case of a tie at the end of a regulation game, teams will play one 7-minute “sudden victory” OT, with 7 players per side. At the end of the overtime play, if no team has a point advantage, the game will be reported as a tie. 

The county schedules 10 games. Then each team goes into a tournament play-off schedule, with single elimination rounds.

 Junior Division - is for seventh and eighth graders.

The goal of the Junior level is to teach more advanced drills and game strategies in an overall effort to prepare the players for high school.

Games are 11 v11, with the same rules as the Middie Division.

There are generally two practices a week.

The county schedules 10 games. Then each team goes into a tournament play-off schedule, with single elimination rounds.

Senior Division: This league is for players in 9th through 12th grade, who are NOT playing at their high school. Please contact the county for registration information.



  • What equipment do I need?
    • Stick, mouthguards and shinguards, and field hockey goggles. Shinguards must have padded ankle protection and be no more than one inch below the knee cap.
  • Where can I buy equipment?
    • Behind the Back (Severna Park), Lax World (Annapolis), Sports Her Way (Towson), Dicks, Modells, Sports Authority or online from Longstreth.
  • What days do we practice?
    • Your coaches will determine what days you will practice. Each division will practice two days a week.
  • When do practices begin?
    • Each coach will determine when practices will start, but approximately the first week of August.
  • When do games begin?
    • The county will post the game schedule. Games generally begin the weekend after Labor Day. Games are played on weekends and sometimes during the week.

Anne Arundel County Rules for Youth Field Hockey:

Rules for ALL LEAGUES:

  • Players can only play on one team.
  • Spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field of all players and coaches.
  • All fields are tobacco-free zones.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on or near the fields at any time.
  • No jewelry allowed at any practices or games.
  • All players must wear COLORED mouthguards.
  • County game rules follow NFHS with modifications at each level of play.

Coaches Information

  • All coaches must have a current background check by Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks. You can access the form on the county's website  ( The background check must be completed and processed by the county before you can be on the field with your players. All background checks are good for 3 years. If you are unsure if your background check is current, you can use the website to check your status in the Active Database.
  • All head coaches must have a current Youth Coach Certification. Head coaches who do not have a current certification through Anne Arundel county, MUST attend a certification clinic.