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Steve Willett Scholarship

Information on the Scholarship

The SMA Steve Willett Scholarships are made available through an endowment by the St. Mary’s Annapolis Lacrosse & Field Hockey Association, a non-profit corporation committed to providing opportunity, education and enjoyment of girl’s lacrosse and field hockey in Anne Arundel County.  These scholarship awards offer female high school seniors an opportunity to pay for a portion of their expenses in college for one year.

The scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to a high school senior who has participated in the SMA Field Hockey or Lacrosse program.  They may have participated in one or both sports to qualify.  Successful candidates will have achieved distinction in academics, leadership and extracurricular activities.  Scholars select their own institutions, field of study and extracurricular activities.  The scholarship money will be used, as they deem necessary.  It is an award for their excellent achievements throughout their high school years.

The SMA Scholarship made its first award in 2001 and in 2009 this Scholarship was renamed in honor of Steve Willett for his many years of devotion to the young women who have played lacrosse and/or field hockey through our SMA program.  It is this board’s privilege to carry on this program and through continued fundraising; we look to increase our endowment to ensure it will continue for many years to come. 

Please see list below of past SMA Scholarship Award Recipients:

  • 2001 - Laurel Wyatt:   St. Mary’s High School – College of Charleston
  • 2002 - Andrea Smith:   St. Mary’s High School – Dartmouth
  • 2003 - Molly Dodson:   Severn School – Penn State
  • 2004 - Fallon McGraw:   St. Mary’s High School – Northwestern
  • 2005 - Kelly Gaudreau:   St. Mary’s High School – Notre Dame
  • 2006 - Anastasia Adams:   Severn School – Vanderbilt
  • 2006 - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Alexandra Kuntz:   St. Mary's High School - Colgate
  • 2007 - Erin O’Donovan:   St. Mary’s High School - Vanderbilt 
  • 2008 - Meghan O’Leary:   St. Mary’s High – Washington College
  • 2009 - Sam Idelson:   St. Mary’s High – Towson State University   
  • 2010 - Jessica Hatala:   St. Mary’s High – University South Carolina
  • 2010 - Caroline Franke:   Severn School - Princeton University
  • 2011 - Anna Butler:   St. Mary’s High School – University of Virginia
  • 2011 - Morgan Cunningham: Annapolis High - Univ. of South Carolina
  • 2012 - Caroline Hutchinson:  St Mary’s High: Washington and Lee
  • 2013 - Kelsey Harrison:   Archbishop Spalding High School
  • 2014 - Kirsten Bannan:   St Mary’s High– Lebanon Valley College
  • 2014 - Olivia Portner:   St. Mary's High School - University of Georgia
  • 2015 – Elizabeth Adams:   St Mary’s High School – San Diego State
  • 2016 - Kendall Bannan: St. Mary's High School - Salisbury University 
  • 2016 - Abbey Dengler: Severn School - Grand Valley State University 
  • 2016 - Sydney Klein:   St. Mary's High School - Kansas State
  • 2017 - Julia Mahoney:   Key School -Kenyon Univ
  • 2018 - Haley Schaff:  St. Mary's High School - Univ of MD
  • 2019 - Emma Banko:  St. Mary's High - Savannah College of Design
  • 2020 - Emma Driggs:   St. Mary's High School -Georgetown University
  • 2021 - Hope Davis:  St. Mary's High School - Bucknell University
  • 2022 - Grace Driggs:  St. Mary's High School -Georgetown University